"Cooperation with prestigious business and technology partners."
FLIR SYSTEMS – A global leader in design, production and marketing of infrared thermal cameras and state-of-the-art thermographic systems. FLIR Systems is our partner for THE marketing ofthermographic systems in R&D area.


CETMA - It is a no-profit organization and all its profits are invested in research, training and technology transfer. DES and Cetma cooperate in applied research in scientific, technological and industrial fields.


MICROLABEN – Spin-off company of The School of Engineering of The University of Bari, specializing in prototypes and small–series production of innovative electronic devices and equipments of high electronic content. Our partner in the realization of MultiDES: the modular device that allows the use of different sources of thermic excitation (flash and halogen lamps, ultrasounds, laser, microwaves) in non-destructive testing with thermographic methods.


PROCMA: A company specialized in the design and creation of automated assembly systems for industry. Our partner for the industrialization of components which integrate and support diagnostic systems.


APULIAMECH – Internationalization consortium formed by Apulian mechatronics division SMEs: DES, Procma, Ecsa and SEA. The organization aims at developing new markets through the strategic and operational planning of international marketing activities: market analysis, attending international fairs, search for technical and marketing partners, communications with international media etc.