"A highly competent team of experts, with an expertise based on more than 20 years of experience."

Umberto Galietti – BOD chairman and a Co-Founder of DES, confirmed Associate Professor of Mechanical Design and Machine Construction SSD ING – IND/14 at the School of Engineering of University of Bari. Head of the thermographic laboratory research activities at The Department of Experimental Mechanics, at The School of Engineering at the University of Bari. Chief coordinator of regional strategic research groups and of projects with various companies.

Sergio Ferrara – Co-Founder of DES, BOD member and coordinator of the technical/IT area. Management of the activities for the implementation of information and quality systems. Support of the commercial activities for internationalizing projects, specialized consulting, training/updating.

Davide Palumbo – Co-Founder of DES, test designer, testing and structural diagnostics with non-destructive research methods; service and training together with all other activities within the specific competences developed during the years in The School of Engineering of The University of Bari.

Annalisa Ferrara – Partner and Director of Marketing / Communications.

Floriana Cassano: Graduate in Economics and Commerce, Executive Assistant, administration management and support to the Business Dept.

Gianpiero Cerrone – mechanical engineer, coordinates the management of the main projects. R&D of new products by innovative methods, testing and integration of systems. RLS (workers’ safety representative).

Pablo Lòpez De Uralde – Mechanical engineer, researcher in the field of modelling of the thermal behaviour of composite materials.

Antonio Mancuso – Under-graduate in computer engineering, research of analytical systems for thermography. In particular, development of software for the control of automated thermographic systems to implement a flexible system for the processing and post-processing of signals, experimental data, images and thermographic sequences.

Giovanni Santonicola – Under-graduate in automation engineering, R&D of innovative algorithms for thermography and control of automated thermographic systems. In particular, algorithms are developed for the processing, pre-processing and post-processing of signals, experimental data, images and thermographic sequences, and the development of automated systems for data acquisition and processing.

Eligio Palasciano – Mechanical engineer, Training Manager. Support to technical staff in the management of projects by processing of technical documentation and writing of technical procedures for NDT and predictive maintenance.

Sergio Susca Bonerba – Under-graduate in computer engineering, analysis and development of software for thermographic systems. Research of algorithms for image processing and data analysis, especially in order to fulfill customer requirements.