“DES is a leading company that creates innovative diagnostic systems in different industrial sectors.”

The systems can be applied in various private and industrial sectors, due to their versatility and modularity. The technologies in use allow for the verification of components conditions and monitoring of manufacturing processes; therefore detecting failures, anomalies and malfunctioning in advance. The user can thus can prevent and avoid unexpected and damaging production standstills and manage the production in a more effective way with a longer life cycle of capital goods.

In particulare, the benefits relate to:

• Intervention time and cost optimization, even in large inspection areas;
• Possibility of component analysis at any range;
• Possibility of obtaining repair certifications;
• Possibility of remote control, maximizing safety for users.

Main problems solved by DES are in the following areas:

• Prevention of dramatic collapses, malfunctions and anomalies;
• Reduction and elimination of production standstills;
• Maintenance cost-cutting.