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DES – Diagnostic Engineering Solutions is a Spin-off of the Politecnico di Bari, specialised in experimental mechanics and structural diagnostics.

Its mission is the technological transfer from the University to the Industry of innovative solutions for structural diagnostics, through the use of non-destructive methods.

In particular, it develops innovative technologies for the structural analysis of components and the monitoring of processes, which are applied in R&D activities carried out in public and private laboratories and in the monitoring of production cycles and quality control.

Testing for defects and non-homogeneities in composite, plastic and metal components, quality control of fine welds, integrity checks of welded joints, evaluation of coating integrity, identification of fuel leaks, are just some of the applications developed by DES for leading companies in the aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, energy and higher education & research sectors.

DES excels in the application of thermal methods and has a partnership with TELEDYNE FLIR, the world’s leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art infrared cameras and thermographic systems.


What We Offer

NDT Solutions

DES designs and sells customized systems for the evaluation of structural integrity of real components in working condition, together with dedicated software for simple, fast and safe NDT.


The methods used allow the monitoring of a wide range of materials, devices and complex structures in different productive sectors.”


The offer includes dedicated hardware and software, custom-designed.



DES offers a range of services to support clients to get quality output.


DES offers a range of activities to support clients to get quality output.


As a company technology partner, DES offers its know-how for the training and development of technical staff in charge of technologies.

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